Mayor celebrates with Mount Carmel (December 2016)

Mount Carmel, the Streatham alcohol treatment centre, had a surprise visit from London Mayor Sadiq Khan when they held their Christmas Event – “Celebrating Excellence in Alcohol Treatment”.
Hosted by CEO Ruth Allonby and Patron John Taylor of Duran Duran, the event was a reception held in London’s prestigious City Hall.  The guests included Local Authority staff working in addiction treatment services, friends and supporters of Mount Carmel, and a number of “Mount Carmel Graduates”, who had completed treatment and were now months or years into their sobriety, in some cases more than 20 years.
John Taylor impressed the guests with a moving account of his journey into recovery, more than twenty years after attending a treatment centre to address his addiction to alcohol and drugs.  As he has described in his autobiography, In The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death and Duran Duran, his life that fell apart with addiction has been completely rebuilt on a different basis, thanks to what he has learned and what he does to maintain his recovery.
London Mayor Sadiq Khan, an old friend of Mount Carmel from his days as MP for Tooting, who of course is based in City Hall, took time to join the gathering.  His informal talk addressed two themes - the success of Mount Carmel, and the blight of addiction.  He praised the Mount Carmel team for turning around the lives of so many people.  And he called for a more humane approach to addiction, one that recognises that it is an illness and not a moral issue, and for more backing for treatment and treatment centres.  Ruth thanked the Mayor for his support over the years, and for his talk - “A very appropriate message for a very successful occasion”.
John Taylor, Sadiq Khan, and Ruth Allonby had a lot to talk about!